It's not that I didn't believe my Step Father when he said there was a population of Chinese and Indians in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I guess I just wasn't expecting it to be so visible. Yesterday I drove past a Chinese Church. Chinese form Kanji and everything on their sign. A bus was unloading of tourists and 'worshippers' alike. Gates closed and you could see their own established haven.

After moving into the apartment I'm staying at, on the strip, I took to walking around to get acclimated to the area and pick up a bathing suit bottom. There, hustling, I end up chopping it up with the store owner who is from Bombay, India. Jamaica wasn't even a part of the conversation. It was all India, and began from the 'ohm' symbol necklace that I was wearing.

Rumor has it that the Chinese and Indian population get 'free' money from the government to come here and build businesses. The same monies and help aren't offered to the Jamaiicans born and bred here. I have to do more research into this, but's the essence of keeping local people and natives under a certain level of control while others can come in and flourish.

 What's up with that?