I am inundated with photos, recollections, and anecdotes. Enough for consecutive posts for probably the next two weeks on the site. Many will be flushed and posted, others may fall by the waistside. Battling in a haze between jetlag and business. The creative in me, sadly, has taken a back seat on my return. The business minded, more laser focused side of my personality has come forth. As much as running with the bulls (which will be recollected) and splash! are all cued in the blog line up, I can't get my mind from being wrapped around people. People and their personalities.

Part of my job, as the creator of the Tribe, is to make this look easy. It isn't. At all. When issues occur, egos augment before your eyes, and as they say opinions become as plentiful as a$$holes, my position gets very difficult. I'd also say, that certain High Council members feel/have felt it too.

I half joke, pretty often, about how starting the Tribe qualifies me for an honorary degree in Psychology, merely dealing with the personality navigation. The hard part is not keeping the physical group functioning online. Planning trips can get tricky, but even that is minute compared to what happens when personalities come together on those actual trips, and you now have 20 people, many of which who have never met before, in the same house. 'The Real World' model is some real sh!t. You can't predict nor write some of the stuff that goes down on these trips, for better or worse. It's also the thrill of it all. The thrill of the chase to get on the trips, and then to allow yourself to be open to the elements.

The openess is key. As I approach announcing the next trip to the group, I just pray for openess in the minds and hearts of those who go. Through observations, I'm realizing more than anything, that character trait is the tie that binds, effortlessly. Funny a few members and I touched on this a bit over the last week.... this video is reallllll talk on behind the scenes. Love these guys!

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