1. Name

Scott Corr

2. Company name


3. Location (City, State)

Brooklyn, NY

4. Year Company Was Started


5. Website Address/Social Media Handles for Twitter And/Or Instagram



Tweet: @RealMenLW

Insta: @RealMenLiftWomen

6. In two sentences what does your company do/brand represent?

We are The Face, The Voice, The Brand for Men's dance. We are an online retail store, dynamic dance blog, and philanthropists within the dance community

7. Pro of being the face of your own brand?

You are identified with something that is important to you. They say, "don't let a job or a career identify you", but when you are the face of your brand, your job is a extension of who you are. Working to live and living to work are interchangable at the point your brand become successful.

8. Con of being face of own brand?

Once you set a precedent and develop the culture of your brand, a lot is expected from you. Mistakes are acceptable, but careless mistakes affect your customer base and audience and are not acceptable. Once you set the bar high, there is no going backwards.

9. Mental Mentors (up to 3, Who inspires you?)

Timothy Ferris- Author of "The Four Hour Work Week"

Jason Stewart- Best Friend since age 4 and born with a mind for business.

10. Inspirational quote that speaks to your business acumen 

"Ain't Nothin' To It, But To Do It"- Ronnie Coleman

11. How does the mission of Nomadness (living a life without boundaries, both literally and figuratively) fall in line with steps you have taken building your brand? 

One of my career goals is to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. It is one of the forces that drives me to success and is a an essential component in how I develop my business. Everything, including my supply chain, can be managed remotely. A lot of work went into the back-end of the development process and work is still being put in in the background; eventually, there will be a large portion of the business that is automated and the remaining portion will require my presence minimally. (Or, at least we hope- haha)