1. Name : Kristal Nicholson

2. Company name: CoveredMom.com

3. Location (City, State): Phoenix, AZ

4. Year Company Was Started: 2013

5. Website Address/Social Media Handles for Twitter And/Or Instagram: www.coveredmom.com

6. In 2 sentences what does your company do/brand represent? 

CoveredMom.com produces quality covers for nursing mothers, to make feeding times with baby private and luxurious. The company was founded as a way to give back to breast cancer research by donating a portion of each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and to encourage new mothers to breast feed.

7. Pro of being the face of your own brand?

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to create something unique, to watch it grow, and to be associated with quality products, and a cause that I am truly passionate about. 

8. Con of being face of own brand?

It seems like I am always busy, and there are a million small details that only I can set in motion. I have found that most of my friends are extremely supportive, but I feel like I am alone because there are no clear cut instructions on how to proceed, and I am only person that can make the important decisions, and initiate all company actions. 

9. Mental Mentors (up to 3, Who inspires you?) 

1. Amelia Earhart, not just for her courage to get out into the world, and attempt great feats, but for her courage to do it alone. 

2. Barak Obama, for his pride, intellect, candor, and his ability to calm the masses with a single sentence.

10. Inspirational quote that speaks to your business acumen:

My great uncle used to say "No bees, no honey. No work, no money!"  

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”  -Martin Luther King

11. How does the mission of Nomadness (living a life without boundaries, both literally and figuratively) fall in line with steps you have taken building your brand? 

The only boundaries that surround me are the ones I create for myself in my head. I sat on this idea for 5 years before seizing the opportunity to create this business. Being the face of my brand means that I own all responsibilities that have an influence on my own success. If I stop when I come to a difficult task then I become trapped and cannot move forward. Now that I have begun, I cannot stop. Once I made the decision to move forward, I broke through the mental boundary that held me back for 5 years. My daily goals are to continue moving forward. To continue creating. To continue growing. To continue improving. To find inspiration, and get faster and better at what I do, so that I can complete all tasks, and break through all boundaries. For me, there is no limit. not even the sky, & with God's grace, I can fly.

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