1. Name: Ayana Martin

2. Company name: Insert(VERB)Here

3. Location (City, State): Winston Salem, NC (by way of Pasadena, CA)

4. Year Company Was Started: 2012

5. Website Address/Social Media Handles for Twitter And/Or Instagram: www.insertverbhere.com, www.facebook.com/InsertVerbHere, @_insertverbhere (twitter), @insertverbhere (instagram)

6. In 2 sentences what does your company do/brand represent? Insert(VERB)Here empowers young women through out-of-the-box experiences to build confidence and increase self-discovery. We present young women with opportunities that challenge their personal limits and fears to show them FIRST-HAND that they can do anything they set their minds to!

7. Pro of being the face of your own brand? I get to lead by example! I go on these journeys to help change someone else's world for the better, and they change me for the better in ways I never imagined.

8. Con of being face of own brand? Sometimes I struggle with pursuing the things I started and I doubt if I've made the right decision for ME. I feel obligated to continue on behalf of others looking up to me because I know someone is watching and basing their decision on my outcome.

9. Mental Mentors (up to 3, Who inspires you?)

 1 - I am personally inspired by my mom. She is a strong black woman who beat the odds of statistics: single mom, master's degree, all 3 children successful, entrepreneur, teacher, caregiver and more!

2 - Dr. Paul Farmer. He is a physician best known for his humanitarian work providing first world healthcare for third world people. To him, curing the world was the only right thing and he would do whatever was necessary to make that happen, no matter how unconventional or bad for "business" (i.e. profits).

10. Inspirational quote that speaks to your business acumen:

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face." - Eleanor Roosevelt

11. How does the mission of Nomadness (living a life without boundaries, both literally and figuratively) fall in line with steps you have taken building your brand?

I'm trying to bring in the next generation of Nomads! I'm trying to train them up to take care of the world we are shaping through (and with) Evita, because she definitely started something huge and the WORLD will feel it. (They actually already are!)