We're going IN!! It's that time of year again and this 2013 Kickstarter campaign is for the Nomadness American RV Takeover.

Yes, Tribe is driving cross country, in a logo image wrapped RV on the only College Tour/Nomadness Media blitz. End of April, into May, we're driving from New York City to Los Angeles, California. We'll be stopping in the cities that have our biggest hubs of members (NYC, Philly, DC, ATL, Houston, New Orleans, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles), as well as hitting up colleges along the way. 

If you think your school needs to be a stop on this trip, use the 'contact.' tab above and tell us why ;-)

The deal is, we are going for $20,000 in 45 days.... (crazy...maybe, but we got this! It's Nomadness!) This past afternoon we completed our first full day of fundraising and clocked in ay 31% funded in day one! Over $6,000 raised in 24 hours. This is the international network that IS Nomadness!

Please pledge, no matter how small, and spread the word far and wide! We need YOU to make this come to fruition! PLEDGE HERE!!