3 years since experiencing my first Holi, in India. To come back, 3 years later, with the Tribe is inexplicable, yet I will try. To see Bhati's family. The children have grown, the men have grayed, and the women have matured. The feeling, represented so accurately by the vibrant colors smeared across our face. I cried as we were on the bus driving around Jaipur drinking Kingfisher and screaming at the top of our lungs. Nomadness has officially reached a point I always wanted it to. Get people, even avid travelers, outside their comfort zone.

As we looked at the foreigners around the city, we were the only one of our kind. Welcomed, with open arms, even into the homes of Jaipur locals. A man begged for me to bring the Tribe to his home, as his daughter had just given birth to his new grandson, over the last few weeks. His family was honored to have us over just to hold and admire the baby. It's moments like this that let you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have no choice but to be touched.  I am again reconfirmed in my purpose with Nomadness.

Mission Accomplished. Fitting. My Tribe, My Legacy, Our movement. india Holi 2013 we were here.