We've been itching to get this information out to all of our supporters!! It's 100% official that the world's leading hotel accommodation booking site has partnered up with the Nomadness Travel Tribe, to help launch the Nomadness RV College Takeover 2013. This tour is going to be epic. Now, with the support of Hotels.com and YRB Magazine, we're able to provide so much more than we anticipated for this program, including Twitter contests on the campuses that will lead to hotel stay giveaways. Peep the video below of our announcement and me using their mobile app to show you guys how to book accommodations using their Welcome Rewards program.  

Download their mobile app HERE, as it works with pretty much every mobile device on the planet!!


So...yea it's really happening!!

What we need from you? Continue to pledge to our Kickstarter campaign!! Let's blow the lid off of this campaign and show the world what happens when you start with an idea......and refuse to look back!!

Thank you to Tribe member, Quia Querisma for bridging the gap between Nomadness and Hotels.com. We love you and appreciate your work.