The first week of the RV Tour was fueled on pure adrenaline. Five schools in five days, this episode shows the RV Crew starting the tour by revisiting Morgan State University, and planting roots down on Hampton University's campus, as well as getting some impromptu interviews at Howard. 
Morgan State and Nomadness have a history together. The ladies of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. first opened their arms to us in September 2012. During that time, Evie was able to have her first run at the Travel/Diversity Workshop she'd created. With just under one hundred people in attendance, it proved to really be the kick off to bigger ideas, like bridging the RV Tour with the workshop. That first trip became an accidental catalyst for many moves Nomadness has made after it, including having the first Tour specialized for HBCUs. 
The stop at Howard was very impromptu. With time to kill before the DC Meet Up event, members Evie and Shavaun headed over to the Yard and got some one-to-one conversations going about what it's like attending an HBCU, and what makes Howard stand out from the rest. 
Concluding the 'D' and 'M' part of the area, the RV Crew got their first glimpse inside the 'V'irginia leg of the tour. First stop was on the Hampton University campus where the RV was stationed literally right in front of the Student Activities building. This being the first school in which Evie had to give her actual presentation, the day was used to navigate students to the session that night. 

Next stop..... VSU.