Clearly one of the most epic days of Nomadness' life. 

You all already knew how psyched I was to be able to speak on the Blogging While Brown panel, but to be there in the flesh, was a whole other type of energy altogether. A connection of dots if you will. 

Once off the stage, the most poignant point of the conference was the final panel. 

One of the reasons I am writing the memoir on starting the Tribe, right now, is because there are so many backstories that no one knows about. For the final panel, of four female entrepreneurs, to sit there and talk candidly about receiving cease and desist letters (ahem!), having an accountant that prepared but didn't file their taxes for three years, depressions, and moments of living beyond broke, was an affirmation. Yet again, I'm reminded that the road I am paving is difficult, but that's a part of what I, both directly and indirectly, signed up for. I thank them all. 

Necole Bitchie was one of the most candid, and nothing but respect flowed towards her from the crowd. She shared the moments where it all only made sense in her mind-- when family didn't get it. These are the stories that fuel my journey, and let me know through all the bullshit, that I'm on the right track.

 Necole with her Nomadness Newbir Package gift