When I tell you High Council has been ITCHING to get this debut out...it's been crazy!

In light of the Tokyo NomadnessX 2013 trip hitting at the very very end of August, we had to rep correctly for my second home. It's been 3 years since I have stepped foot in Nippon and that is all about to change in a few weeks ;-) It's about to go down!!

So, to be fresh we dropped the first in our Translation Series of T-Shirts. We've translated (ever so gently) 'I have more passport stamps than you.' into Japanese just in time for the upcoming trip!!

The Mission:

I want to reconnect and newly connect with all the ALT's/English Teachers/Vagabonds out in Japan. I want this shirt to be the tie that bonds us, our memories, our time in this amazing ancient country, and the Tribe. Many, like me, haven't been back in years...it's time for us to show it some love, no matter where we are!


LIMITED EDITION!! ONLY 111 MADE, and THEN NEVER AGAIN! These will sell out! Cop one now, as the 30% Off Sale is going until 5pm EST tomorrow! Move fast!