Apparently a travel blogger took her life (non Tribe affiliated) this past weekend. Her last post was about how her traveling lifestyle has left her extremely lonely and heartbroken. This is something that comes up in the Tribe a lot. Can you find love as a nomad? Does it take being in one place all the time? Does the other person have to be an avid traveler too? Something very unique to travelers and while I don't think suicide was the answer, I understood a lot of what she was saying. Three years ago I think it would have been hard to be with me...LIVING in Japan and Thailand, backpacking South East Asia...I admit, I was gone a lot! Yet, had someone who stuck it out, which I still am grateful for.

But it was hard and the #1 reason why I don't want anymore long distance relationships. I want someone tangible, real, that i can touch. Again, this comes up in the Tribe a lot. Figured I would open it up to a broader audience for feedback.

Could you date someone living on the road?

Could you date someone who has a home base but dips out every say six weeks?

Would you go?