A little late, yet still on time. It's my Top 5's (kind of) of 2013. The good, the bad, the ugly. The learned and the taught. My moment to reflect, vent, and rejoice. Here goes something...


1. Dad

2. Pete

3. Kelly

4. Jason

5. Ed



1. Jaipur, India

2. Kuta, Bali

3. Vegas

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Tokyo, Japan


1. $100 Startup

2. Steve Jobs Bio

3. David and Goliath

4. The Icarus Deception

5. 48 Laws of Power


1. Mandela

2. 42

3. Fruitvale Station

4. Silver Linings Playbook

5. JOBS (it sucked though)

Words/Catch Phrases:

1. Dope

2. Insane

3. Out of Control

4. I can't.

5. Hmmm


1. Face your patterns

2. Families wait for no one

3. To prove resiliance you sometimes have to become a human punching bag

4. What you fight may be what you need

5. I have a hard time trusting people, who are friends, with people I don't trust


1. severe, unearthly love triangle and hexagons...like I fu%^king can't anymore.

2. money, in general.

3. pitching a tv show process

4. balance...lost all remnants of it by the end of the year. was severely overwhelmed by the time the clock struck 12 on Jan 1, 2014

5. All of the lessons and mini lessons had here on this Bali NomadnessX trip

6. Realizing some people don't need trips, they need a therapist. And you'll never be able to please them, ever. So do what you can, as soon as you can, as professionally as you can, and leave the rest to the Universe.

7. Namyohorengekyo


1. RV Tour...like, damn we really did that

2. Not losing my sanity or spazzing out on people during moments when it would have been 100000% warranted

3. Receiveing the Trailblazer Award at the Powerhouse Summit

4. There was a very difficult day in the Tribe this summer in which it looked like massive things were about to implode. People leaving of their own accord, people getting kicked out, it was a mess. Jason had to step in that day because I was actually contacted to be a part of a documentary that an EXTREMELY well known entrepreneur was putting together in NYC. I have been signed to secrecy, so I can't say who. I am just waiting patiently for footage to drop. Oneo f the best/worst days of 2013 for me, at the same damn time.

5. Signed my contract with Serendipity Literature becoming an agent backed author...crazy how this has been a childhood dream of mine. Blessed for this beyond belief.

Song of Significance:

1. Happy- Pharell

2. Pour It Up- Rihanna

3. Mine- Beyonce

4. Worst Behavior- Drake

5. Diamonds- Rihanna

Memborable Moments:

1. Superbowl Weekend/Ed's Crib

2. Dans Le Noir (dining in the dark) with Tribe in Barcelona, Span

3. HOLI in India with Tribe

4. Phone calls and positive talks when the Tribe felt like it/me was about to self implode (shouts to Roz, Francis, Maestra, Ed, Lioness, Kali, Kenna, Jason, Mom, Dad, Keith, Macario, Daphne, Patricka, Bruce, etc that came through in emotional clutches)

5. a 7am email in which I made a decision that defined where I was as a woman. One of the most adult and selfless moves I have ever made in my life.

6. Izekaya last day in Tokyo with the Tribe and Suguru and Kotoyo

7. Enshrining my Gohonzon at home

8. Waking up to sunrise over the Grand Canyon with the RV Crew, and going to bed that same night on the Vegas strip

9. October 1st, at a photo studio in White Plains, realizing I was beginning to fall in love with a friend I have had for over a decade, that I'd rejected just as long.

10. Two year anniversary party for the Tribe

11. Grandad's funeral in Jamaica

12. A revelation at a bar in New Orleans in April, that was eerily similar to a revelation in my bedroom in November

13. TEARS...there were mad tears this year.

Goals for 2014:

1. never have to worry about money again

2. Have my 1st book published and walk into a Barnes&Noble to buy it..preferably the one in Union Square

3. The Nomadness Project -film

4. Continue towards dropping 30 lbs by my 30th birthday

5. Get Nomadness off Facebook and onto own social network site

6. RV Tour 2014

7. Book an average of 4 speaking gigs a month

8. TED/SXSW approved proposals for 2015

9. Claim and recieve everything I desire, and deserve, in my love life. I put recently on a status update that I want a 'whole' love. In 2013 I attracted a lot of half love. Love attached to exs, drama, babies, people who hadn't really cleared their plate before sitting back down at the table again. I am over it, Universe. I want the love I deserve. A whole human being ready to give whole love, REGARDLESS of any circumstances or timing. Someone who is as willing and ready as I am to be two WHOLE human beings coming together to elevate one another. Thinking I may need to re-read that section of the Celestine Prophecy again. It's my turn to be happy. It's my turn to be chosen.

10. Prep myself physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and emotionally to start a family of my own in 2015. I am an evolving woman, and as scary as it was when it finally hit me that this is where I am...it is still my truth and I had to acknowledge it in my life. I don't forsee it in 2014, but in 2015 I want to become a mother.