For me, one of the most jarring points about apartheid, were the dates. You're not allowed to take photos or video on the inside of Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum, so I was unable to capture the emotional reactions of everyone that went on the Nomadness trip. 

Going in as a group, we were immediately split into 'Whites' and 'Non-Whites' via a label you were given along with your receipt. From the door, you were slammed with the reality of what it was like living in South Africa from the 1940s to the 90s. 

Yes. Including the 1990s. 

I was born in '84. 30 years old.

All I could think of was how the dates I was reading while going through the museum were primarily in the 80s and 90s. From Mandela's release and death, to the switch in political parties, I couldn't escape the fact that this is my generation's story.  This is South Africa's story. This is my story.  This is our story.

Please enjoy the second episode documenting the South Africa Nomadness Crew's journey through the timeline of apartheid, streets of Soweto, and commemoration of the life of Nelson Mandela. 


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