Many of you are aware, at this point, that Nomadness was dealt a horrific blow this past week. While vacationing, a number of Nomadness Travel Tribe members linked together in Panama City for MLK Weekend. Of about twenty people, twelve members went on a tour outside of Panama City on Friday, January 16th. On the way back from that day excursion, there was a horrible van accident in which nine of our members were injured,  one is presently in a coma, and two deceased. 

On behalf of Nomadness, I cannot being to express the gravity of the situation that has hit our community. Within 24 hours, Nomadness CEO and two other people on the High Council were in Panama helping the families, victims, and the Embassy with whatever was needed. Within 72 hours, the Nomadness community banded together and was able to raise over $60,000 in donations to go directly to the survivors, victims, and their families. Over $60,000 from our community. If ever there were a blessing at the end of tragedy, it's that 'in house' this travel group proved itself (again) to be so much more than just that.  We are family. A tribe. 

As of this past Friday, Nomadness can announce that all survivors that have been able to leave Panama, have been flown back to the States. This was a great goal to meet. Since then, Nomadness has ceased taking in donations directly, and dispersed funds to the families involved. We ask, for those looking to donate, to please use the information below to donate to the families of the deceased, and our member still in Panama City, working her way through a coma right now. 

Our condolences to the families of Nneka Fritz and Christopher Nigel Thorne. Our continued strength and support also to the family of Diana Isidore, staying with us as best she can in a hospital in Panama. 

Donations can be sent to:

Gary Fritz

397 Fenimore St. 

Brooklyn, NY 11225


Texia Thorne

2125 Gayley Street

Columbia, SC 29209


Desray Isidore

PO Box 16064

Atlanta, GA 30321