South Africa has welcomed many within the Nomadness Tribe who return home with glowing impressions and life long memories of the people and the land. World traveler Mike Bigz, recently returned from his latest stay in Cape Town and his a lot to share. Here's a look into how he spent his 1st couple days in town.


I've been meaning to publish this since getting back from my trip so apologies for the delay.

Cape Town was amazing! Since I'd been before I had a pretty good idea to some of the things I wanted to tick off and BOY did I tick them off!


I'd already pre-booked a ride from the Airport but since Uber is popping in Cape Town, I'd suggest just arriving at the Airport and scheduling an Uber when you land (The Airport has free Wi-Fi so you're good) I'd also suggest picking up a local sim card in the Airport. I used Vodacom which was cheap and like 100 Rands for 1GB of data, super easy!


My initial plan was to climb Table Mountain on day 2 but that quickly changed, decided that it was too much too soon and we wanted to explore the local area. The first 7 or so days I was staying in Green Point, a cool little area which the weekends there's a little music and dancing thing going on along the promenade during the day, since it was a nice day we ended up hanging out in the local area for most of the afternoon before grabbing some food at Primi Piatti! (MAN! the food was good)

If you like Salsa then I'd suggest finding out when they have this on. I swear if I could salsa I'd have jumped in and KILLED IT! But alas, I can't salsa.. Well, I can pretend but not really really... 

Recommendation: On your first or second day I'd suggest to buy a RED BUS ticket (You know those City sightseeing bus pass things). You can grab a 1 day or 2 day pass, it'll help you get your bearings of the city and plan the next few days in Cape. It's WORTH it! Wish I'd have done it sooner in my trip.


Two days in and it's already looking like a great time. Hop after to Mikes full blog post to get the whole experience plus his itinerary break down so you can follow up on anything parts of his trip you want to try out.