In November 2011 a group of friends started a tradition that has continued now for 5 years in a row. It all started in Southeast Asia, Singapore to be exact. I just moved to Manila, Philippines around mid-November and a friend of mine was working in Singapore for a few months at the time. He was not going to be able to get back home for Thanksgiving so a third friend of ours decided to fly out to Singapore from the states. I had heard they were going to meet up there but having just moved I had a lot on my plate and was not sure if I would be able to get over there as well. I remember getting a phone call from PR telling me he just landed in Singapore and that I definitely needed to come out there. I took a look around my apartment for some reason, as if there was something else I needed to consider. There was not. After a brief pause I said ok, let me look at flights. Moments later I found a flight departing to Singapore in a few hours so I bought it and immediately packed my bags and headed to the airport.

At that time it was only the three of us but we had an amazing time. The following year we added another friend, PD, and they all came to Manila to visit me. In 2013 I moved to Sweden and the tradition continued when they came out to Stockholm. 2014 was when we added our 5th and final member to the travel group. Socks, who was in grad school the previous years, could not wait to join us in Thailand to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Finally, our 5 year anniversary was spent in Colombia and Brazil! The following pictures illustrate some of the fun that we had in South America!

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