Tribe member Brian Oliver has as much of a love for travel as anyone and recently he shared a few personal lessons he's learned through his experiences. These are great to keep in mind as we all make our way around this world. Take a peek below at two of those lessons then visit Beyond Bmore for the full piece. 

The Best Memories Are Those Not Photographed

While it's always great to be able to scroll through our photo albums on our phones or through social media to show someone photos from a trip, the feeling one gets when telling a story from memory is priceless. Ever notice just how enthused and excited you get when trying to explain different events and highlights without a photo being available? Yes, we all want that perfect shot in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or that flawless pic with our friends at that authentic Italian restaurant in Rome, but after that is accomplished put down the camera and enjoy the moment. Everyone is guilty of it, but what’s more annoying than being with a group of friends and you’re all tapping away on your phones and silent?


The World Is Not As Dangerous As We've Been Made To Believe 

344 murders in 2015, 2996 people killed in a terrorist attack and 6,000 others injured. Geez! Where was that? Baghdad, Colombia, Belgium? No, THE United States of America! There were 344 murders in the city of Baltimore alone in the year 2015. 2996 citizens were killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks on America and more than 6,000 others were injured. Yet, we somehow have become scared beyond measure to leave our own soil. Danger is everywhere and the fact is, very few of us know exactly when and where it will occur prior to it happening. I completely understand the concern of others after tragedy strikes a foreign nation and I am asked “Are you still going to travel?” Truth is, I find myself counting my blessings every day as a young black man in America much more than after I return from a trip to Europe, or Africa. It is a miserable feeling to live in fear, but whatever keeps you going whether it be faith, determination or simply courage- don’t hold yourself back!

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