One of our Nomadness Tribe members, Yvette Santos Cuenco has recently touched down in China for a new career opportunity. As she begins her latest international counselor role she's sharing the various elements of her ongoing acclimation to her new home. Here's the first of many entries as she arrives in Shenzhen.


Welcome To Shenzhen

I arrived in Shenzhen three days ago and so far, so good.  The settling in process takes time and plenty of energy.  In the next few posts I will be sharing my Shenzhen experiences and dropping a few pro tips along the way!


Like with every international school orientation, it is information OVERLOAD and a major hit to the senses - new sights, sounds, smells, language, culture, etc.  I am sure my fellow newbies would agree that the school nailed their role in making this transition as worry-free as possible.

Here is what stood out to me:

  1. Much like my school in Uzbekistan - greeted at the hotel by admin.
  2. Welcome bags full of creature comforts - snacks, bread, peanut butter, wine, beer, soda, etc.
  3. Cellphone w/ sim card. I took the sim out and popped it into my unlocked Android phone.
  4. Phone numbers of all admin and administrative assistants who are reachable at any time.
  5. Most importantly for me - It's a community that HUGS. There's truly nothing like coming off a plane after dealing with the dog, delayed bag, etc. and being greeted with warmth and friendly faces.


After that first night, we toured the Elementary campus and were taken to different returning teachers' apartments to truly get a feel for the potential of spaces we'd call home.  Living in Tashkent and Bangkok, prepared me well for the lack of uniformity in the apartments I would see.  For some background - modern Shenzhen is really only 30 years old. It is a young city compared to Beijing and Shanghai.  Despite it's "new-ness", thanks to oil and tech - it is incredibly WEALTHY.  I did not expect to see so many BMWs, Teslas, Mercedes Benzes, etc. and I've only explored one district - Shekou.


If your curious how Yvette's new life in China is going, hop over to the full post on her site The Roaming Filipina.  


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