A Letter from the Creator of Nomadness:

'When I sat down and thought about the name for our travel course, nothing was sticking at first. I wanted something clearly travel oriented, clever, but not obvious. I was on the phone with Brittney (Social Media Maven) looking through terms, and I yelled out 'Black Box..that's it! It's where all the important information about a flight is housed. All the communication. It's where everyone, even the experts turn to for travel information.' It literally, was perfect.

It was exactly what I wanted to create. A course that breaks down the psychological, financial, and physical barriers that people have to travel. Because the truth is, everyone CAN do this! Not just me, not just Tribe. You, with your freelancing gig, or 9-5, or pipe dream and lonely bank account...your travel won't look the same, but it's still something that can be attained.

NMDNBLACKBOX.COM is a 6 month course that breaks down all the barriers of entry that you have into the world of travel. Period. It's for everyone...from the well traveled, to those who have never stepped foot on a plane. Period.
From finding your travel style, to getting over the fear of flying (a personal issue I had many panic attacks over...ironically), to traveling with food allergies, and what to sign up for so you are taken care of in case you have an emergency abroad. We are covering it all. Weekly, in 15 minute or less classes. ' - Keep Traveling, Evita

Check the video out, and sign up for more information at http://nmdnblackbox.com dropping soon. ‪#blackbox‬ ‪#whatsnext‬