Of all the travel destinations that our Nomadness Tribe members venture to, I think it's a pretty consistent thing that Africa has the most emotion tied to it. The historical aspect of reconnecting with a lost element of yourself as a Black person in the United States is series. In this post Zakiyyah shares memories her trip 1st solo to Africa and it's equally moving for her too. Check out the snippet below then hop over to her site for the full blog.


When I was a child I would write books. The main character in all of them was a girl named Afrika. I’ve always had a long fascination with all things AFRICA and all things KINDNESS. ‘Till this day, I call myself the President of Random Acts Of Kindness and now I’m also the Co-founder of Innclusive. Believe it or not, the two go hand in hand.

I remember clearly the day I boarded the plane to Africa. I was finally embarking on my first solo trip to Africa.  I cried on the plane when I realized I was flying over the continent. I cried as I ate my first breakfast “at home.” I was an emotional mess. This was a dream, realized. My plan was to visit South Africa – Joburg, Capetown, and Kruger National Park. This pic was taken at the conclusion of my journey, in front of Lion’s Head Mountain, Capetown. I watched the waves on the beach and reflected on my 3 week journey through Africa… that didn’t quite go the way I planned. It went better. Then of course, I cried. #ThugTears

One thing about Africa, it has a way of capturing your entire soul. I found myself totally immersed in the vibe. Due to this fact, I ended up visiting four additional countries – not just one as I had originally planned. My travels took me to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, and this pic below was taken at an all girls school in Zambia. I arrived with bags full of various school supplies and healthy snacks for these beautiful girls.  We played games together, solved math equations, and posed for a few pics.  These are the world’s future scholars.