The core of Nomadness existence is the idea of beating down stereotypes and negative preconceived notions about what travel looks like for various people. It may be an idea based around race, gender, financial status, whatever. Tribe member Michaela Hall shares with us her tackling of the views meant to hold travelers back. Take a peep and enjoy. 


A ginormous number of people don’t travel.

It’s not that they can’t travel.

They’re held back by their own personal beliefs. The way they think about the world and themselves keeps them from chasing their dreams.

Thankfully, their negative beliefs aren’t true.

The shift from a restrictive mindset to an empowering mindset is possible if you’re ready to upgrade your travel life. The result is a renewed sense of power and a ton of passport stamps.

Here are five limiting beliefs that keep you from traveling and how to get rid of them.

You Don’t Believe It’s Possible

I would passionately argue that the passport is the best thing since sliced bread. And while we know how useful sliced bread is (what is childhood without PB&J), it wasn’t always obvious.

In fact, when sliced bread was first introduced, no one cared. They couldn’t see the benefit.

It took the right person, saying the right things to demonstrate the endless possibilities offered by bread slices. People need to experience the greatness of this innovation before embracing it with open arms. The results have been delicious!

Some people understand the benefits of traveling without the hard sell.

They’ve developed a case of wanderlust that pushes them across the world, with pauses just long enough to inspire us on social media. Their jaw-dropping photos and unbelievable tales have taken travel to the next level.

Other people need convincing. Many don’t know what’s out there and aren’t motivated to find out. Some don’t believe they could ever be the person taking a safari selfie in Kenya.

The key to getting everything you want is knowing without a doubt it can happen.

Conquering your bucket list is possible. So is visiting every country in the world. You must reprogram your mindset to believe you can do it.

How To Be Invincible:

The first twenty minutes of your day is paramount.

First, you woke up which means you’re able to keep moving towards your dreams.

Second, your brain is most receptive to anything you see or hear. Don’t start the day listening to news full of murder and mayhem. Listen to motivational videos of people who have achieved greatness.

Quote positive affirmations that reinforce your desires and repeat them often. Until they become a reality.


This is just the start of Michaela breaking down opposing travel views. Visit her full post here for more! [Click Here]

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