When part of your monthly routine is jet-setting around the globe, there is often a sacrifice in the realm of socializing, more specifically, dating. Nomadness member Victoria shares her experience trying to balance these two aspects of life. Take a look below at your story.


Traveling the world can appear fabulous to many. Pictures of exploration and thrill seeking seem appealing.  Many question your free spirit or even idolize you for doing what seems to be the impossible. You seem untouchable or even unapproachable because of your passion and lust for life beyond the norm. As exciting as making your travel dreams come true, you start to wonder if it backfires in other aspects. I can only speak for myself, but from experience, people have praised me for my wanderlust spirit and doing wild excursions in foreign lands, however, that same praise can become the very reason your personal relationships don’t prosper. Which then left me with the question of is it me or them? Being a female traveler the same thing that attracts men to you seem to be the very thing that separates you. Many guys have been intrigued and want to join you on your quest until they feel like they can’t keep up with your urge to be gone. But are they wrong for feeling this way? No, I definitely don’t think so. However, are you wrong for wanting to be on a plane every 6 weeks? No, I don’t think so. So what’s the happy medium for the two? Do you only date someone that shares the same free spirit you possess? Does that limit your options for finding a partner? Is it a turn off to date someone who can’t sit still? Is it a turn off that they don’t want to travel ? Trust me all of these thoughts have swirled through my brain multiple times.

A few years ago, met a new guy and we had great conversation over the phone which lead to a specific comment to this day I can’t forget. At the time I hadn’t earned my first passport stamp and my heart longed to be thousands of miles away. Expressing this dream he quickly shot it down. “Girl, you do too much, just chill out and stay in America.” Those words echoed in my brain for the longest time. It literally made question myself like am I doing too much ?


Does this sound familiar? Visit Victoria at VictoriasXcape.com to find out how she addresses this issue of travel vs dating.