It's November...goodness. As my last four months, in Japan, wind down, my traveling will be picking up. 

This is the first Thanksgiving where I won't be in Long Island to partake in the feast that goes down on Greenwich Avenue. As my family gathers to break bread, I will be in Japan, most likely bartending amongst a disfunctional 'family' of foreigners. Still, I will be giving thanks, and oozing gratitude for the ability to experience this holiday, in Japan. 

This will be the first Christmas not being around family, long time friends, or a boyfriend. There may not be a Christmas tree, nor mistletoe, nor carols. There will be travel. 

I have a little over two weeks Christmas vacation, and I have given much debate as to where I am going and what I am doing. 

This week I solidified my intention.

Destination: Bangkok, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia

The photos above, are where I'll be. First three photos are Siem Reap and the last two are Bangkok.

(Shouts to Bethany and Ariana for helping me out with the planning. Love you fellow world travelers.)