Often times there's a desire to more than just visit a new land. The urge to relocate lives in many these days. As you prepare for you new home take a moment to keep these helpful tips in mind to better adjust to the new chapter in your life. 

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*

Moving away – What to keep in mind when you’re about to call another country your home

Are you scared about moving to a completely different country? It’s understandable why you would feel that way. The unknown is always scary, and nothing is scarier that not knowing what your life will look like in the near future. However, while fear is understandable, you shouldn’t dread the moment of departure. Of course, it severely depends on the reasons of your departure, but as long as we’re talking about something positive and leaving on good terms, you should look at it as an adventure. Even if the contrary case is true, you should still have good things to look forward to. Living in another country is no small thing, and it will contribute tremendously to building your character.

Make sure you’re ready to like the place

Once again, the context of your relocation plays a great part in how this is perceived. If you want to live as an expat in Singapore, then you’ll probably be moving to Singapore. However, going from the idea that you have at least some control over your destination, make sure that you will like your new home. There are many different cultures you can develop an interest in, so make sure that once you get there, you will have things to be excited about. Of course, some might prefer a country that is a lot closer to home in terms of similarity but maybe even in terms of distance.

Leave your old self behind, but not entirely

This is of grave importance as it will determine in what ways you shall be shaped by your experiences abroad.  When you settle down in a completely new country, you will want to be open minded and to adopt as much of the local culture as possible. From clothing to food preferences and even artistic influences, embracing what your new home has to offer is beneficial. However, don’t go overboard and forget who you were prior. It’s a good idea to keep a part of yourself “untouched” by everything new. You shouldn’t become a completely new person, unless that is actively your goal.

Take in as much as you can

If you’re going to live in a new country, don’t just root yourself to a big city. Just as it is the case in your own country, the new one probably has a lot to offer in the countryside. Visit the less populated areas of this new land and explore all it has to offer.  You’ve done it, you’ve anchored on the shore of an exciting new land. The worst thing you could do right now is box yourself in and not explore everything there is.