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Never forgot that many pleasures can be discovered within your own domestic borders. With an eclectic choice of clubs and venues for music, Charlotte, North Carolina has so much to offer anyone looking for a night out. You can choose between an intimate lounge setting, an auditorium, amphitheater or even a private club depending on your choice of music and the artists that are performing. Here are some of the Charlotte highlights:

AvidXChange Music Factory


This live music venue encompasses a variety of music tastes as well as a number of different places for a musical experience. Under its musical umbrella are the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater, The Underground, the Label Night Club and The Fillmore. The richness of variety in musical acts for upcoming events includes IdinaMenzel, Jidenna, Enrage Against the Machine, and Phantogram and Tycho to name just a few. You can see more information about upcoming events here.


Coyote Joe’s


Known for its country music acts, this club is considered one of the premiere country music venues in the country. In the past 25 years, they have featured well-known artists like Travis Tritt, Brooks Dunn, and Garth Brooks. They also have a reputation for offering one of the largest dance floors anywhere, and an unparalleled light show display. Their live music is offered every night of the week, and it includes a house band that is just as famous as some of its featured acts. This is a private club with membership for anyone over the age of 18 and starts as low as $1. More details available here.

The Evening Muse


This club has been rated by critics as the best evening club in Charlotte. With a venue that only seats 120 people, it is best to get there early to ensure a seat for the show. Known for their acoustic acts, they also feature other genres including blues, folk, country, jazz, and reggae. There is also a great selection of beer, wine, and good food while you listen and enjoy. 



The Imperial


This intimate jazz club gives you two choices for a jazz experience. You can either sit in the 50s- themed lounge and cocktail bar area that offers a nightly jazz ensemble like the Dave Hamilton Trio who have frequently been featured there, or opt for a contemporary rooftop bar with additional musical strains of jazz to cool off to on a summer evening. Both areas offer an exceptional drink selection as well. You'll definitely appreciate the versatility of the venue. See more here.


This music venue is on an intimate scale for anyone wanting an amphitheater experience without the crowds. The music scene for this club is millennial-driven as well as caters music specific to regional cultures around the world. It includes these recently featured artists and musical tours: Zacarias Ferreira, Benny Benassi, Bad Bunny, Hector Acosta 2017 USA Tour, Money Man, Freedom Finale, YFN Lucci Live, and BlacYoungsta and Da Baby. VIP tables are available if you're looking to treat yourself and a group of friends to a special evening.  

Flight Beer and Music Hall


This bar and music club has seating in two bar areas for all shows that are indoors as well as outdoors. There are nearly 100 beers on the menu and food is also available during the show. They also bring in a DJ for popular sporting events like regional sports games, college bowl games or professional championship events like the Super Bowl. It is a casual environment and features local up and coming bands as well as regionally well-known musical artists like Cole and the Funky Medics, Pluto for Planet, Ashley Wineland, Paleo Sun, Jahlistic, and more. You can see what's on deck here

It's easy to over just how many sweet spots you can find through out the country. North Carolina's musical culture lends itself to a lot of greats potential experiences. Hopefully your future travels will give you the chance to visit some of these locations! 

Jessica Kane is a writer for SoundStage Direct, the number one online source for the best vinyl records and turntables.

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