as though a little boy running down a hallway, screaming your name, with his balls hanging out wasn't enough excitement for one week...

apparently not.

it's been getting warmer in uchino, at least for sections of the day. in an effort to level out an electric bill, i prefer to let the evening breeze in rather than gunning for the AC. after coming in from a night run, i opened the door to my deck and had the screen door shut.
i'm on iChat and mid conversation i started seeing these little gnat looking bugs. think flying ants but maybe a third of the size of an actual ant. hence how you wouldn't really know how many there were around you, as i was to find out.

i get off iChat, decide to clean a little and shut the doors for the night. it took me about 10 mins to do the dishes. from the time i got off the computer, to the time i finished the dishes i had a community of these gnats infiltrate my bedroom area. i'm talking all over my walls, bouncing against my lights, on and in my bed, flying fucking everywhere.

again, i have been really calm under really stressful shit in japan over the last few months. i was calm but this shit looked like a scene straight out of someone's nightmare. there were so many. i feel that i had to have inhaled a few just from walking in and out the room to get my stuff.

so i woke up the company at like 9:30pm, and thanks to Mariana, i had a place to crash last night.

apparently the only way to get rid of these seasonal bugs, is to smoke them...lmao. i was too afraid to light paper and let it burn. but while speaking with Aisling it was brought to my attention that i have a shit load of incense, thanks to my man Bobby from my block in the Bronx. i lit every last one of those things. the attached picture is part of the cloud that was my room last night, before leaving. i still can't believe the randomness of the situation, as i clean up dead bugs today and clean everything in that room.

just another experience...hilarious! i can't wait to move to the new apartment. phase 1 of 2 underway shortly.

on a side note...i'm not too proud to admit i need attention. the lack of any type of affection is getting to me. i at least need that. the irony to it is, when i'm needy most i usually disappear...

i need to run this off....toodles.

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