In the context of this project, being the only female living with five guys has got to be considered a brothel, and a sin. Somewhere....I feel it. :)

I'm convinced. It just doesn't even sound right. Luckily, these men are like brothers.

Hormones have been the word of the week. Everyone's are up, and it's interesting to observe.

Even in myself, I'm definitely a guilty party as well. These are the times where self-control, remembrance, and respect of the relationship I have at home kick in.

I put it out there because it's honest...and a real thing that people go through when traveling while in long distance relationships. It happens on both sides.

We are beings, which makes us animals...It's all about control, worth of the person you're in love with, and honor. If nothing else, it'll lend itself to some great writing, and a feeling of accomplishment on the other side without being tainted.

Missing him...and all that comes with him.