Twenty hours, two countries, and seven Muay Thai fights later, we were able to rest.

Yesterday was a great day for the record books and memory bank. Jeremiah and I started off at 5am headed to Burma so we could get another two week extension to our expired visas. The ride, in reality, wasn't that bad. The border crossing was much smoother than what I went through in Cambodia. Having company there also made it more pleasant. Always nice hanging out with Jeremiah.

The previous day, I made it known to the crew that I wanted to hit up a Muay Thai fight. I'd been sitting on it for awhile. It was the one promise I made to my boyfriend; attend and shoot a Muay Thai fight. My interest was sparked from the beginning really. I personally have always had an affinity for kickboxing.

Jean-Pierre, Jeremiah, Bogdan, and I bonded last night over some round houses, bloody noses, and several weight classes. Seven fights took place last night, including a female round, and 'special fights' round that included four blind folded boxers going at each other simultaneously. Weight classes ranged from 100 lbs, to the Main Event at 168 pounds, a Thai local vs. a Frenchman.

During the female round, I left the crew to stand with the Thai men that were ringside. The energy from the women was infectious, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wondered how I would be in the ring. Could I handle the brutality, while respecting the fact that it is, in deed, an art form? One I respect very much.

Hitting me that both Jeremiah and I had been up since around 5am and traveled so far via bus, my eye lids proved to become heavy during the final round. That is, until, the fight ended in the Frenchman's win, and the ENTIRE corner that was cheering on the Thai boxer had left him stranded to leave the ring on his own. We're talking, holding onto the ring, not able to stand up straight, seeing circles, and sliding down the steps...alone. It was great. Thanks fellas!

PS. The chicks rocked it! More photos seen HERE!