Getting better...but damn.

So I got back into Thailand, from Cambodia, yesterday. Most of my documentation of the trip is going to be going there and while there, coming back was crazy. I caught a virus on my last morning there. Or at least that's what the Thai doctor said here, at the hospital.

All I know is that I didn't think I was going to make it back over the border. I felt like they were going to see me, quarentine me, and try to keep me in Cambodia.  Which would have been no bueno, as it's said by rule of thumb that if you need medical assistance in Cambodia, the best thing to do is get to Thailand asap. I had to pull out my biggest acting to date.

I still don't know what it was. It could have been the fish curry that I had the night before leaving. It was in a liquid sauce and may not have been cooked to boil. It also could have been the juice/fruit from the hostel's breakfast on my last morning. Say they washed the fruit in tap water. Who knows? All I know is that true to form, my body reacts quickly when there is something in it that needs to come out.

It hit like the tundra. I got dizzy and my stomach started bubbling at the rest stop literally two minutes from the border. Thursday morning, I left half of my insides on one said of the border, and the other half on the Thailand side of the border. It was not pretty. Thankfullly, one of the women riding with me was armed with instant Imodium. It got me through the three and a half hour trek from the border to Bangkok.

After the ten hour trek on the train, to Chiang Mai, I got home and eventually made it to the hospital yesterday afternoon. No fever. Good blood pressure. No more loose bowels. Ya know, all the good stuff. I was left with a sore throat, that which has since subsided. Now I just have a bit of fatigue, sneezing, and an apparent sinus headache which makes my eyes hurt a bit. I feel like I have allergies.

I looked the doctor in the eye,"So, no malaria?"

He laughed. "No malaria, just virus. Drink a lot of water, rest, and I will prescribe dehydration packets for you."

330 bhat later= $11 I had paid to see the doctor and got my prescription.

Thank you so everyone sending me well wishes. You guys rock for real. Love you all and I will keep you updated on the progress.