This particular day at work, Jean-Pierre and I had a four hour break in between classes. In the past, we’ve gone home and chilled out for a few hours, but today adventure was in the air. Where I thought we were simply headed for a joy ride towards some hot springs, Jean-Pierre was on a personal mission to find the legend, in Chiang Mai, known as Crazy Horse.

Coming from New York, I have a lot of friends that are involved in an array of hobbies. Jean-Pierre is the first ever rock climber in my circle of friends. He’s a beast on these rocks! His excitement, almost immediately, became my excitement. I knew, looking up at that rock, that I’d be witnessing JP climb up it. It was only a matter of time.

So, while riding into the jungle route, on a dirt road, re-remembering “Oh shit, I am in Thailand,” we ran into these three women from Colorado. Of course! We all got to talking and they started spitting out words and rock terminology that only rang a bell in remembering former childhood episodes of “Guts”. It was dope!

I’m very happy for him. I’m happy for all of us to find our outlets, that keep us centered back home, here. It’s just as important as finding new things here that encourage happiness. Jeremiah loves music…karaoke is his thing. As it should be, he has an amazing voice. I happen to be a writer. Sitting somewhere secluded and writing for hours brings me pleasure that many never know. Jean-Pierre is a climber. It’s in his blood. I can only respect and admire that.

So, as we spoke to these women, and as I watched one ascend and descend the rock, I could feel JP’s eyes glaring.

“He wants me to try this,” I said to myself. The weird thing was, watching the women, and JP free climb just to get a “feel” for the rock, sparked my interest as well. What is happening to me? Have I been hanging around this man too much?

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