Funny how I just got done watching an entire segment on Chelsea Lately last night on the airline.

I remember hearing this one awhile back. Different. Cute.

So, in conjunction with their in-flight performances, SouthWest Airlines is holding a sale that is almost as dope as my Donation Based photo sale below!

What you need to know:

  1. Travel is valid on any day of the week -- that includes weekends -- from December 1 through February 16.
  2. This sale includes blackout dates between December 17 and January 3.
  3.  Book by November 22 to take advantage of this offer.
  4. Must purchase at least 14 days in advance.

Some Destinations:

Austin Cleveland $117 OW
Austin Los Angeles $109 OW
Baltimore Cleveland $59 OW
Baltimore New York $59 OW
Baltimore Manchester $54 OW
Boston Philadelphia $59 OW
Chicago New York $92 OW
Cleveland Baltimore $59 OW
Cleveland Austin $117 OW
Cleveland Indianapolis $91 OW
Cleveland Milwaukee $89 OW
Cleveland Louisville $82 OW
Cleveland New Orleans $132 OW
Cleveland Fort Lauderdale $139 OW
Cleveland St. Louis $59 OW
Columbus New York $133 OW
Denver New York $119 OW
Fort Lauderdale Cleveland $139 OW
Harlingen New York $159 OW
Houston New York $159 OW
Indianapolis Cleveland $91 OW
Jacksonville New York $158 OW
Kansas City New York $134 OW
Las Vegas Los Angeles $59 OW
Las Vegas Philadelphia $159 OW
Little Rock New York $159 OW
Los Angeles Philadelphia $149 OW
Los Angeles Austin $109 OW
Los Angeles Las Vegas $59 OW
Los Angeles Milwaukee $104 OW
Los Angeles Portland, OR 121 OW
Los Angeles Tucson $90 OW
Los Angeles Washington D.C. $134 OW
Louisville Cleveland $82 OW
Louisville New York $156 OW
Manchester Baltimore $54 OW
Milwaukee Cleveland $89 OW
Milwaukee Los Angeles $104 OW
Minneapolis New York $159 OW
Nashville New York $141 OW
New Orleans Cleveland $132 OW
New York Baltimore $59 OW
New York Chicago $92 OW
New York Columbus $133 OW
New York Denver $119 OW
New York Harlingen $159 OW
New York Houston $159 OW
New York Jacksonville $158 OW
New York Kansas City $134 OW
New York Little Rock $159 OW
New York Louisville $156 OW
New York Minneapolis $159 OW
New York Nashville $141 OW
New York Oklahoma City $139 OW
New York Omaha $138 OW
New York Phoenix $159 OW
New York Salt Lake City $149 OW
New York San Antonio $138 OW
New York San Diego $159 OW
New York St. Louis $132 OW
Oklahoma City New York $139 OW
Omaha New York $138 OW
Philadelphia Los Angeles $149 OW
Philadelphia Las Vegas $159 OW
Philadelphia Pittsburgh $59 OW
Philadelphia Boston $59 OW
Philadelphia Seattle $159 OW
Philadelphia Phoenix $149 OW
Philadelphia Salt Lake City $159 OW
Philadelphia St. Louis $107 OW
Phoenix Philadelphia $149 OW
Phoenix New York $159 OW
Pittsburgh Philadelphia $59 OW
Portland, OR Los Angeles 121 OW
Salt Lake City Philadelphia $159 OW
Salt Lake City New York $149 OW
San Antonio New York $138 OW
San Diego New York $159 OW
Seattle Philadelphia $159 OW
St. Louis Cleveland $59 OW
St. Louis Philadelphia $107 OW
St. Louis New York $132 OW
Tucson Los Angeles $90 OW
Washington D.C. Los Angeles $134 OW


For more information and reservations, please visit the Southwest Airlines Web site.

Thanks for the break SouthWest....but in regards to in-flight performances, Delta has officially put you on smash.