Art Basel is one of those amazing arts shows, that doesn't happen in New York City, so it pains every time I re-remember it. Pains me because I tend to remember it within a week of its happening. Just because I can't go, doesn't mean you can't. Here I am to inform you, and to swear by this site that I will do what needs to be done in order to get there for next year.

I mean damn, even if for no other reason, who doesn't want to get out of New York City cold (in December) to enjoy art on the beaches of Miami? (Hand raising.) The first time I heard about it, was sadly, when I couldn't attend to see my own video displayed there. 'Stress' was a part of the festivities three years back. 

So here are the details....

Art Basel

Miami Beach

December 2-5, 2010 


One-Day $36

Two-Day $60

Permanent Pass $75

Tickets also available through Ticketmaster

The official site with all the information is HERE!

Anyone who goes, hit the site back with your opinion on how it went!