I'd wanted to view it when it first came out, but with all the traveling this year, the web series fell into the mental cracks of my memory bank. Until now...
Nelson George boasts a career that would put most journalists to shame, especially in the new video age. Extended branches from his writing, he's also known in Hollywood for his screenwriting and film directing accolades. Most recently noted for the success of his collaboration with old time friend, Chris Rock on the hilarious and insightful documentary, "Good Hair".
He's someone I admire, study, and am lucky enough to be able to reach out to.
With nineteen chapters, clocking in at somewhere around three minutes each, you can sit down and watch each all at once, or pick and choose.
Ladies, this is definitely something for us. The first chapter gave me chills during the 'jam session' and I admit, I got emotional. The true element of womanhood is apparent in the first chapter. From there on.....well you have to watch for yourself.
Check the episodes out HERE! 
The trailer is below: