I know I'm behind the curve on this one, but yesterday I took myself out on a movie date.

I finally got the chance to see The Social Network. Honestly, it blew the business section of my mind to bits. I remember, yesteryear, thinking that I was truly born in the wrong generation. I love old-school music, am a fan of revolutions, and really dig natural hair...being a teenager in the mide 70s/early 80s could have been my thing. Yet, this film alone made me realize I was born in the extact time and place I was supposed to be. The limit of the internet is, in fact, limitless.

Underneath stellar writing, and Oscar-worthy acting and directing, I was drawn most to the genius the portrayed Mark Zuckerburg had in relation to the human condition. Finding out that the creation of Facebook stemmed from a drunken night blogging, after his then girlfriend broke up with him, just goes to reinforce that most people do need 'projects' to get over lost love. It just so happens to be that his was the seed that planted a multi-billion dollar empire.

It ignited a fire underneath me, in regards to my projects and how they relate to social media. Any business that does not take this form of networking on seriously, and internationally, is already ions behind the curve. We live in a time where you can connect to anyone. If you have a great idea that goes viral, someone with the power and the money will see it. Limitless. The internet is a universal way of almost equalizing opportunities between the haves and have nots. That, in itself, is priceless.

Yes so, if watching with smart eyes, this film is no less a piece of art as it is a full on case study, breaking down technology as much as it disects greed and ego. A must see, and see again.

The businesswoman lurks...