To those whom much is given, much is expected. I'm a huge supporter of those who take their celebrity to fight for causes that mean something to them.

With myself, I always said I wanted to create enough money in my environment to be able to to truly give back to something meaningfull.

You've all seen Habitat for Humanity and the Angkor Wat Children's Hospital sprinkled in posts on my page. I feel where Halle is coming from in regards to wanting to give to something you've seen and experienced first hand. It becomes more tangible and the need more real.

This year, I've been broke, mainly because my funds have been going to travel. Yet, I've made it a priority to donate money to Habitat, Children's International, Angkor Wat Children's Hospital, and a few local places throughout this year. I ask, friends, family and readers, to please do the same.

Also, remember that any photos purchased on this site, from the 'Siem Reap, Cambodia' gallery sends a small donation, per photo, to the Angkor Wat Children's Hospital. Find something that means something to you...