I find, as a woman that craves independence under most situations, that when I am involved with a man I feel is worthy, I become domesticated. I begin doing things I'd otherwise not pay much notice to, like cooking.

Focus on the career building, dream creating, and positive progressions are now inserted with nights where I am, dare I say it, in the kitchen. This is nothing asked of me. To the contrary, I offer it up.

I feel that most women who usually run the show in their careers, and have that dominant personality, secretly crave for a man to bring out the domestic, stereotypically female traits, and even allow for them to show a submissive side.
I'm not against saying that, right now, I am her.

The conclusion to the month of May led to more than a few nights where I was tearing the kitchen down, with anticipation for catering to a man who has been on the go all day. I take pleasure in it. Yet, it's a rarity.

So much so, mid-conversation with my brother led to him asking me to REWIND and RESTATE what I was doing when I told him I was preparing dinner for my boyfriend. He laughed and sent a genuine congrats our way. It's been nearly five years since my last real relationship. So for me to be willingly in the kitchen, after a day of playing Superwoman, has to be something worth noting.

Am I the only one?