And the movement continues.....Nomad•ness has been making the connections lately!!!

The network, the Dream Team is building and I have some free swag I'm collecting to ship out to those around the world that want to become a part of the Nomad•ness movement. Train stations in NYC and Jersey have already been 'tagged'. I'm sure the NYC cleanup organizations love me right now. Shogonai! (It is what it is!)

Frankly, I've been busting my ass to get this blog out to every person, organization, group, and strangers that I feel can take something from it, as well as potentially help Nomad•ness build itself. Last night was major headway in that effort.

The first time I heard of The Lost Girls, I was in jury duty. A gentleman and I were talking about travels, as I drooled over his tales of backpacking Africa, I spit up on myself talking all about Nomad•ness. He dug it and also asked if I was familiar with these three women who had packed their bags a few years back, quit their jobs, left their boyfriends, and traveled around the world for a year, dubbing themselves 'the lost girls'.

Rewind back to last summer. I came home for a three week insert during my year in Japan/India and I wound up getting an invite to be an audience member for BET's Rising Icons. Psyched over the likes of Melonie Fiona, Kid Cudi, and Ryan Leslie, I had no idea that there would be two very important people in that greenroom with me. One being one of my India travel partners, Stephanie. The other being a lady named Whitney. Hours upon hours in a greenroom turn strangers into family, and conversation into networking. Whitney and I exchanged info and the communication commenced...on her end.

It wasn't until I returned from Japan, that I realized she had my old email address and had been checking up on me. To calm any potential fears of my disappearance, we got in touch. Drink dates went scheduled and canceled, then I got an email.

"Have you heard of The Lost Girls? I know one of them, Holly. She was telling me about her travels, and I told her about you. She wants to meet you!"


Within the last two weeks, I've been in touch with Holly, and last night I ended up at a mixer in Manhattan with a room full of young women world travelers, and enthusiasts. It was a massive breath of fresh air. I was in my element. My stickers were flying, business cards were gone, and the conversations lasted through two glasses of red wine and vegetarian spring rolls. With my signed copy of 'The Lost Girls', I was found again and again. Women who got me. Women who understood the need, the urge to keep going around this world. Check the lovely ladies out on their website HERE!

Holly, Jen, and Amanda I cannot thank you enough! Women it's time to support each other!