My first email came through rather quickly when I started sending out information pertaining to the donation based photo sale I have going on. More info on that HERE!

My first communication came from someone I'd never met in person, but had more of an online presence with back when Myspace was the craze. How times have changed. I was booked immediately to cover a fundraising event being held on the beach in Coney Island.

I didn't know what I was in store for. I arrived on the beach, overdressed as one can imagine, to find blankets put together amongst an array of beautiful Black women. Different ages, sizes, shapes, but all educated and world traveled. As a young African-American I find it hard to find other minorities that I can talk to in regards to travel. This is a huge part of my movement with Nomad•ness.

The mentality that I find within our people is that of stagnation, especially in parts of New York. The 'hood' mentality, regardless of where you are, is such a detriment.

When I travel, I don't see us. Period. This is something that will be touched upon in the next episode of Nomad•ness as well. Yet, here I was in a group of women who had traveled the globe as much as me, if not more, in search of self, meditation practices, and holistic lifestyles. These women brought a smile to my face at a time when I couldn't on my own. I thank them for that.

My going to meet them was more than just a photo shoot, and collection of donations. It was an environment of women I needed to be around in order to be lifted up.

Thank you.

and I found my travel partner for Morocco next year! Word!