This was the line that formuted at 3:25pm for the 3:45 showing of Eat Pray Love at the Loews Theater on 19th and Broadway, in New York City. I couldn't believe it. I mean, it's a Friday. Did these people not work, take a half day, edge themselves into a hyper extended lunch?

The theater was full. For nearly two and a half hours I analyzed the film and came to a few conclusions:

1. The book was better.

2. Julia Roberts was a perfect fit for the part.

3. Nomad•ness and NYC•Gaijin have a serious purpose in my life. 

4. Boyfriend got like 1000000 points for making it through the travel chick flick with me.

5. If you've ever been to Italy, India, or Bali (I have India) prepare yourself for a painfully real sense of nostalgia.

It was a good movie portraying a great book. I wasnt throw aback, and to be assured me of how innovative my sense of travel documentation has truly been.