Sometimes you give your stamp of approval on projects. Sometimes you recommend someone. Other times, when you fully believe in the talent and drive of someone, you co-sign!

I, Evierobbie, cosign the &*^% (insert whatever expletive you wish) out of Ms. Nyorh Agwe.

Where do I begin? First off, she's only in high school! I met her this past month, through FashionCamp NYC as I was their personal paparrazi and blogger for three weeks. The last session took place the first week of August, and from the beginning, Nyorh had a prescence that simply radiated above many of her peers.

At the conclusion of each week, all groups (a total of 50 inspiring fashion designers, merchandisers, etc...) have to present their own ideas for a unique fashion line. Nyorh spear headed her group's "Petals and Poison" line which fused rock with femininity. Just as Francine, the SVP of Coach and Creator of the camp questioned the group, she stopped Nyorh and asked, "Where did you get your shirt? It's great."

Nyorh's response, "I made it."

Everyone in the room was sold! Hailing out of Cameroon, West Africa she moved to the United States in 2000. Currently, located in Maryland, Nyorh started working on her collection ASPIR3 after watching her very first episode of Project Runway.

In her words:

I entered the 2010 Downtown Silver Spring StreetGlam fashion show. This show was the show that made it for me. A lot of women really responded well to the collection and I started having serious orders, and my brand name was getting bigger.

I soon landed an Agency contract with PDB Group Ventures and have been getting more involved with other fashion shows such as 'Passion for Fashion' and just recently the Taste of Words "A Rose is a Rose" Tim O. Productions Show.

While all of these opportunities are great, especially at my age, my main focus right now aside from pleasing my customers is to add all I have learned and all my experience into a wonderful portfolio for college. In the near future I hope to start a mens collection, to be accepted into Parsons School of design and graduate as a Fashion Designer, and to even incorporate my work into more humanitarian subjects. For example, right now I have created a graphic tee shirt that my company sells for $10 and 95% of the proceeds go to America's Heart Association.

Please view and support this young sister doing her thing for real.

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