It's always interesting when you're dealing with multiple personalities, from multiple individuals. As the saying goes, everyone has an opinion like everyone has an asshole. Thus is true.

It's even more interesting when those personalities have to travel, live, possibly work, and relate to one another for an extended period of time.

The phases commence. The sizing up occurs. Everyone's smiling faces and friendly conversations precede their worries, objectives, and personal opinions.

I once read somewhere that into a new relationship, it takes three months to get out of the honeymoon stage. I find that time frame ironic and humorous given my current situation with Jet Set Zero. Three months is all the time we have with one another. Yet, I wonder how long the 'honeymoon' will last.

It's like a pseudo-social experiment when you think about it. Four strangers traveling together, from all different backgrounds and experiences, picked to explore a country. Though many think the 'relationship' starts when everyone lands, it actual begins behind the scenes, in preparation, when no one is looking. That is when the skin begins to shed.

Little by little opinions are shared, resources divided, personal objectives are revealed, and the survivor in us all rears its head.

I'll be the first to admit, I usually (and preferably) travel alone. India was my first go at company, so I know I am going to grow from the potential of the Jet Set Zero excursion. India was not all pretty in regards to 'buddies' and it took compromise. The biggest lesson I learned was to let go of feeling like I had to be in control all the time. It's a life long lesson of mine. When you willingly let the Universe take control, you'll be surprised what unravels. It's important to understand that everyone is an asset, in some way.

This season is definitely going to be they say 'no man is an island.'