There's something about the idea of a new life that is invigorating. One of my best friends welcomed his new son into the world this past Monday. In a summer that has been filled with many people passing, it's so amazing to have a new life delivered.

Since he revealed the "I'm going to be a father" to me, last fall, it's been a real anticipation of events. He started a blog that maps out going from a man to a father, that can be seen HERE.

There is a sense of pride that I have in Elias' debut in the world. I have known his father since I was seventeen. 9 years. As much as he likes to talk about my growth, I too have seen him grow. Through draining relationships, there always lived the dream of becoming a father in him.

He was the first man I knew to have an early mid-life crisis, at twenty-two. So, it's funny to see the circle. Oh life. 'Tis amazing!