I woke up this morning stressed. My sleep was choppy, after going AT IT with this new Nomad•ness episode.

Normally, I can bust these through fairly fast, but I've switched up the look a bit on you all. This new episow is the recap of India, and also graces a 'touchy' subject towards the end. The new format has my laptop (which I give so much credit to) going through the wringer.

It's been so long. With Rudi dying, I just had such a creative block and now that I want to get this back out, my impatience is running a bit thin in regards to the rendering process.

I also woke up to the emails that were Jet Set Zero. Look, let's keep it real. We all have differing personalities and there will be days when it meshes, and when it doesn't. I feel like while the editors are up on their site documenting and editing our lives down to 10 min episodes every week, I'm going to use this site as the behind the scenes, uncut version of what Evita is going through in this process.

So these things, the reality of leaving, and fear of pushing the money I have saved onto pay for my flight...I have been a bit unnerved.

Texts with the boyfriend helped. I told him, today, the Universe and he formed a coalition to let me know it's going to be alright.

Right in the midst of my rant, I recieved two back to back donations via this site, totaling $100 around noon. On the computer, I was waiting for a prior photo client (and her mother) to show up for their second donation shoot.

Today, through donations, and work, I raised $165. That's a day high thus far.

I am truly humbled and grateful for those who have, and will help out. I have about eleven days left, to make as much money as possible. With friends, family, boyfriend, Rudi, and Universe on my side, I think I'll get through it in one piece....its happening.