Life comes with a number of tests. Not so much for entertainment, I believe these tests  are put in your life to prepare you for something greater, and more beneficial. Most times these tests show themselves in the form of people.

In an effort to keep it real...a personality conflict can lead to future complications in the work arena, and I'm trying to figure out, within myself, how to deal with it. Meditation will be had before going to Thailand, while there, and well after. I'll be concentrating on the truths that people only do to you, what you let them.

It's all in my reaction to this mere mortal. He's not going to change. I don't have to change...

My reaction does.

It's one of those situations where you've already been rubbed the wrong way by the person. You've already caught wind of personal agendas, and their askew energy precedes them. I'm trying to negate the avalanche effect. Where one little thing shifts the entire emotional Universe around you, because it's become the sum of it's duplicating parts.

I am open to finding out what lesson he's here to teach. What is the reason for being introduced to this person? Is the lesson less of what he can teach me, and more of what I can teach him?

I'm interested, how do you deal with people in these situations?