It's really here, and I'm trying not to think on it too tough...last day before I head out to Thailand. This time tomorrow I will be on about a 24 hour air trek from JFK to Heathrow, to Hong Kong, and Bangkok International.

Funny because I feel like I'll find some familiarity in both Heathrow and, our final destination, Bangkok. I am very familiar with Bangkok's humungous airport due to it being the site of my transfers from Japan to India. I think that'll help.'s itinerary is to chill and enjoy the city, and Nelson.

1st stop is 5 Points, Queens. He's been trying to get me here for awhile. The site of the best graffiti art in NYC converged on this street.

2nd stop is the Michael Jackson Birthday bash in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The entire city comes together for the life of a legend.