Recent readers know that the past two months of my life have, unfortunately, been filled with a lot of death. The passing of one of my closest friends, and the less known passing of a relative of my boyfriend.

What's interesting is that in the midst of all this mourning I've had a renewed sense of life. I've never believed in waiting for something bad to happen, in order to go after goals. Tenacity is a constant.

Yet, I have been thinking about (dare I say this) babies. Let  it sink in, especially those who know me personally.

Not necessarily in the context of getting knocked up myself, but in the context of the circle of life. In going to a number of wakes this summer, I have been awakened to the gift that I have in being a woman. I have the ability to bring life into this world, through my body. This is a powerful responsibility! Recent events have really put life, and the capabilities of being a woman, in true perspective.

Just thinking in circles...