Being on a plane for 15+ hours is like being in a bubble.

It’s long, yes, and can get a little cramped. But the truly do take better care of you on international flights. The plane also feels like a big bus.

Yet, because they imitate day and night on the plane through the maneuvering of lights on and off you don’t really notice the time. It all becomes seamless. They bombard you with movies and useless television. I spent the first three hours watching America’s Next Top Model, practicing my poses for my luck in the Thailand modeling circuit.

Cathay Pacific is a cool airline though. They gave snack bags and each seat has their own outlet. I am about to go in on some memoir writing. It’s been nearly a month.

I have one question though. Why is a flight from New York to Tokyo nearly three hours faster than one from New York to Hong Kong? Isn’t it geographically farther?