So I’m in China for the first time ever…I know everyone is expecting me to be in Thailand, soon enough. Let me explain the change in plans.

One of the other cast mates took the lead in planning everyone’s flights, crew included. The initial itinerary was supposed to include a break in London, and then the longer leg of the flight from London to Hong Kong, having us arrive on September 1st. Under that premonition, I booked my flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok for the evening of September 1st.

Then the itinerary changed. My flight was turned into a non-stop straight to Hong Kong flight with no intermissions, hence moving my arrival up to August 31st.

I now have over 24 hours to kill in Hong Kong. I find this ‘mishap’ rather cool actually. I’ve never been to China and I’ve heard amazing things about Hong Kong.

Here’s to 24 hour layovers an the possibility of sleeping on airport floors…