I don't know if I find it fitting, or not, but I had a breakdown on September 11th. Full on needing to talk to someone back home, someone I felt safe letting it all hang out in front of. Enter Jason. The best friend, the protector, the rationality to my emotional nature.

I sat my ass on a bench, next to the city center water square. I spoke, fast, trying to clump so many experiences into a five minute time frame knowing that only five minutes on my timecard would be left for response. Sentences and experiences ran into one another and I'm sure my impending anxiety was evident to him, though it's nothing he hasn't heard before.

He let me go, let me cry, and offered his perspective. This is what friends are for. 3:30am on Septemeber 11th, in NYC and Jason took the time to talk me through my life right now.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't take a moment, how brief it may have been to think about the anniversary of our towers falling in New York.

The irony of it with all the debate on building a mosque there. Meeting people rom around the world, many ask our opinion on it.

My opinion...build the mosque, put a temple, shrine, church, synogague, and every other building with a religious representation right next to it. Make the spot represent us all, in rememberance of those who died there.

This is for them...New York I definitely take your strength with me.